MIND if I tell you about my internship at Clini?

As my internship at Clinisupplies draws to an end, festivities are just getting going in the office, as you can see from the photo... (That's me on the left with the green tinsel.. btw HELLO, my name is Priya and I am a Psychology graduate and Intern at Clinisupplies).

The best part of being a psychology graduate is understanding the scientific and behavioural ways the mind works to operate human behaviour and interaction. After departing from the student lifestyle it was now time to face the working environment where I could apply and develop new skills. I therefore commenced a work placement at Clinisupplies in the marketing department which gave me a great variation of different tasks and responsibilities.

Although it may appear like an unexpected route for some, the adaptability of psychology can be applied in many different situations. Many psychological studies can be used to explain how marketing is influenced by human behaviour.

So what was it like working being part of the Clinisupplies team, I hear you cry!... Well, when I first arrived everyone was very welcoming and friendly. They were all willing to discuss their job roles which allowed me to gain a better insight into the company, whilst also giving invaluable advice for future progression.

I then developed further knowledge behind the products and pricing strategies by attending product training which introduced the range of products and services within wound and skin management.  

What was my favourite experience? Well funnily enough I enjoyed conducting a market research report, finding background research for new product launches, profiling key competitors and identifying the competitive advantages. Additionally, I was interested in analysing prescribing data to find market trends across various products and brand competitors from yearly cost analysis data.

I found these tasks interesting as not only was I able to involve aspects of psychology, such as researching, gathering, analysing and interpreting data. I was also able to gain a better understanding on how to conduct market analysis when launching new products, as well as discovering market trends for the years ahead.

I also had the opportunity to take part in product filming for bandaging products, which allowed me to observe the direction given for the production of the videos being made.

Apart from experiencing the duties in the marketing department I also had the chance to gain knowledge from other departments, which helped greatly in understanding the organisation and gaining different experiences.

My overall experience at Clinisupplies was certainly worthwhile, as I was able to experience valuable tasks and progress in many skills which will be extremely useful when applying for future jobs and I am very grateful for the opportunity. 

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