Clinipore Paper Tape

Permeable Non-Woven Synthetic Adhesive Tape BP 1988

Clinipore Surgical Tape BP is the best solution for both patients and healthcare professionals within the community for providing a quality product at the best available price.

Hypoallergenic and strictly conforms to Drug Tariff specifications

Clinipore is gentle on the skin, leaving minimal adhesive residue upon removal yet still adhesively superior and economical

  • Easily tearable
  • Latex-free

Applications of Clinipore Paper Tape:

  • Fastening small to medium dressings, particularly on moist skin
  • Fixing ostomy appliances
  • Fastening lightweight tubing
  • Taping over sensitive and fragile skin
  • When repeat usage is required

DT Ordering Information

Product Width x Length PIP Code
Clinipore 1.25cm x 5m 299-0091
Clinipore 2.5cm x 5m 299-0109
Clinipore 2.5cm x 10m 335-3760
Clinipore 5cm x 5m 299-0117


NHS Hospital Information

Product Code Product QTY NPC
AT3068/B 1.25cm x 10m Box of 24 EHU019
AT3072/B 2.5cm x 10m Box of 12 EHU020
AT3078/B 5cm x 10m Box of 6 EHU021
AT3083/B 7.5cm x 10m Box of 4 EHU022

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