Cliniplus Light Compression Bandage

Reliable light compression bandage

This (Type 3a) light compression bandage is reliable and lightweight for maximum comfort and patience compliance

  • Carefully designed to maintain reliable and correct low levels of sub-bandage pressure that is required of a Type 3a Light Compression Bandage. CliniPlus® may also be used alone in the treatment of venous leg ulcers or as the third layer in a four-layer bandage system
  • The knitted construction provides two-way stretch, allowing the bandage to conform even in difficult areas of application – suitable for all body contours
  • The central guideline allows for precise 50% overlap when applying the bandage
  • Manufactured to BS7505:1995 Type 3a Light Compression Bandage specification
  • CliniPlus more cost-effective than traditional crepe bandages
  • Latex free
Product Width x Length (stretched) PIP Code NPC
CliniPlus 10cm x 8.7m 330-7907 ECA316

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