Clinipore Silk Surgical Tape

Silk tape with high strength

  • Hypoallergenic adhesive silk tape
  • High strength and adhesive
  • Works well on dry skin
  • Durable and conformable
  • Useful for buddy strapping to immobilise finger or toes
  • Secure
  • Latex free

Applications of Clinipore SILK Tape:

  • Fastening tubing and devices such as Catheters and IV tubing
  • Securing sizeable dressings
  • Stablisation of finger splints
  • Immoblisation of toes and fingers
Reference Description Unit of Issue NHSSC
AT3187/B 10m x 1.25cm Roll EHK178
AT3191/B 10m x 2.5cm Roll EHK179

The Clinipore silk was best for us because it has a good degree of adhesiveness but is not harsh on the skin. It cuts easily and can be torn if necessary (EG when no scissors are to hand). It is cheaper than Elastoplast and easy to handle in order to use our local technique for securing NG tubes. It can be used for all our taping needs. We are now ordering this as our standard tape and are no longer ordering Elastoplast or surgical tape.

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