Prosys Catheter Valve

Catheter Valve

The Prosys® Catheter Valve is a discreet catheter valve offering flexibility of choice to any drainage system

Stimulate a more normal bladder function by using a Prosys® Catheter Valve that universally adapts to Foley and Suprapubic catheters. The Prosys® Catheter Valve is sterile and can be used for 5-7 days.

Available in individual packs of five sterilised items, the Prosys® Catheter Valve will:

  • Eliminate any need for collection systems
  • Provide greater comfort and freedom
  • Encourage normal bladder contraction
  • Connect to any urethral and supra-pubic catheter
  • Ensure security
  • Latex-free

Available on Drug Tariff and NHSSC. Simply ask your GP or Nurse if the Prosys® Catheter Valve is suitable for you.

Product Code Product Description Pack Size PiP-Code
PCV3942 Prosys® Catheter Valve 5 386-3800
Product Code Product Description Pack Size NPC
PCV3942 Prosys® Catheter Valve 5 FSS1042


As a specialist nurse it is essential to train my staff with best practice initiatives and therefore the Vesica catheter pack and/or the catheter pack with the catheter removal pack within it, is ideal. The catheter valve stays connected well and has an open and closed sign which is very helpful when showing the patient how to empty their bladder. Also I really like the catheter bags as they come with gloves in them encouraging carers and staff to use them and prevent any cross infection.

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